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Porch Parade Raises $1,100 for Restore Mobile

As of now, we have raised a grand total of roughly $1,100 in donations through the Mobile Porch Parade! Because of your generous donations – while picking up the wonderfully made Porch Parade maps or just because you support what we do – we will now be continuing an exciting project that otherwise might not have been possible.

103 N Washington St. Pre-Roof Replacement – Nov 30, 2020

In January, we partnered with the Downtown Mobile Alliance and completed a full roof replacement of a historic home on St. Michael Street in downtown Mobile that had been severely damaged during the hurricane season. Despite the fact that other parts of the home were in disrepair, a new roof was the top priority in an effort to prevent further deterioration.

Mid-construction – January 13, 2021

Roof Replacement Completed – January 15, 2021

Additional work on the house was not immediately planned, however this was before Mobile came out in full force to support the Mobile Porch Parade and Restore Mobile's projects! Your recent donations are allowing us to go one step further. The money will help fund the repair or replacement of the windows as needed. This will further secure the home, prevent deterioration, and position it for additional repair in the future, while also encouraging similar work on homes and buildings immediately around it.

Thank you to the Mobile Porch Parade for your incredible work to keep the Mardi Gras spirit alive and for including Restore Mobile in your fundraiser! And thank you to the people of Mobile for supporting our work to protect and promote the architectural and cultural character of our special city.

Stay tuned for updates on this project, as well as our other on-going projects happening in the Oakdale National Register Historic District!


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