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Funding Secured for Phase 2 at 1158 Baltimore St

Two funding partners, coupled with individual donations, have made the second phase of work possible at the cottage located at 1158 Baltimore Street. Once finished, the house will be completely secured for the first time in years: new roof, new doors, new siding where needed, all rotten and missing wood replaced, repaired window sashes, and a new paint job from top to bottom.

Phase one concluded earlier this year and consisted of a complete roof replacement, and repair of the eaves and rafter tails to match the original.

This work would not be possible without the combined funds granted by The Mobile County

Commission, Commissioner Merceria Ludgood, and the Wells Fargo Foundation. Additionally, a local donor reached out and asked for a project to earmark for his facebook birthday fundraiser. Theodore Kearley's friends and family answered his call to action and he attracted significant support for this house. Thank you to everyone who has made this transformational project possible.

While accessing this job site is a little challenging right now, as Baltimore Street is undergoing a major infrastructure and resurfacing project, once the street is opened back up, this little cottage will be a harbinger of what's on the horizon for all of Oakdale.


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