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Sydney Betbeze, Executive Director

As our executive director, Sydney manages all day to day operations of Restore Mobile. Inside each home restoration is a piece of her heart. Where others may see blight dated homes, Sydney see opportunity and antique craftsmanship. In her words, " every home is an amazing piece of art." By planting small seeds all around Mobile, Betbeze hopes to influence change and encourage growth. 

  • Mack Lewis – President

  • Terry Mannion – Vice President

  • Steve May – Treasurer

  • Devereaux Bemis – Secretary

  • Melanie Bunting-Seymour

  • Marie Chastang

  • Harold Dodge

  • Catarina Echols

  • Gillian Faircloth McGee

  • Fred Rendfrey

  • Dan Romanchuk

  • Jarrod White

Board of Directors

Marie Chastang

We welcome the support and involvement of others who share our passion for historic properties and creating vibrant, revitalized neighborhoods. Donating skills, supplies, or your time to our projects is appreciated.

Contact us at

A note of appreciation for our previous directors

Restore Mobile recognizes that its success is due to the cumulative efforts of the previous members of its Board of Directors, and wishes to acknowledge the following for their service to Restore Mobile or to the Mobile Revolving Fund for Historic Preservation, its predecessor organization. As the organization has culled through historical data, names may have been inadvertently omitted; if you know of someone who should be added, please let us know.


  • Patrick Finnegan

  • George Swann

  • Ruth Rye

  • Tilmon Brown

  • Keri Coumanis

  • Rennie Brabner

  • Mia Burmeister-Laws

  • Bob Collier

  • Vicky Rye

  • John Dendy

  • Kelly Fassbender

  • Tissa Loehr

  • Nick Thames

  • Jennifer Eckman

  • Eileen de la Torre

  •  Keith Fordham

  •  Jaime Betbeze

Melanie Bunting-Seymour

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Harold Dodge

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Catarina Echols

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Gillian Faircloth McGee

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Fred Rendfrey

Dan Romanchuk

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Jarrod White

Mack Lewis


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Terry Mannion

Vice President

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Steve May


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Devereaux Bemis


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