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Each home we restore is special. What others may see as rundown, we see as an untold story. We are doing more than restoring homes, we are revitalizing communities, reconstructing relationships, and changing our city. 


You can find some of our most meaningful restorations below. 

1104 Old Shell Rd. 


We love a dramatic before and after. 1104 Old Shell Rd. is just that! Slide to see how we restored this wonderful home. Just a-little love can go a long way. 

54 N. Julia

462 George St.

1250 Old Shell Rd.

458 Chatham Street

When we found this home it was in need of someone to repair it to its glory. We can happily report after a restoration to its prime it's in the hands of a loving family.

1017 Old Shell Rd.

1015 Old Shell Rd.

1105 Texas Street


Restore Mobile is currently serving as the lead developer for the Oakdale National Register Historic District
Neighborhood Revitalization project.  After completing significant revitalization projects in nearby
OGD and ODW, Oakdale was an obvious choice for the next focus area.  Beginning with the
stabilization of 970 Gorgas St (link) and the subsequent move of 971 Gorgas St (link) (previously 973
Gorgas St), RM has (appreciated the leadership of Councilman C. J. Small) to prevent the demolition
of 2 additional houses on the block, at 957 and 959 Gorgas Street.


By working block by block, street by street, house by house, the organization's goal is to increase
housing options for existing residents and to provide additional housing choices to families who choose
to live in a neighborhood with historic character, walkability, and proximity to downtown and to
Brookley. Restore Mobile will continue to stabilize existing houses and market them for sale, while at the same time building new infill housing on vacant lots. 

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