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Restore Mobile began in 1992 when the Mobile Revolving Fund started to see a need in developing the historic areas to bring back a positive impact in the community. Restore Mobile, a successor organization to the Revolving Fund, is a private non-profit looking to revitalize important parts of Mobile to bring a warm authentic feel back into the neighborhoods. We want to bring out the story within each house so that the Mobile community can see its beauty. When we began bringing back these houses we wanted to do something more than make them look good. Each house has a different story and as we continue to work through neighborhoods, we want to be able to put together a book that is able to tell the story of the many communities of Mobile. 


We have continued to build upon the work of the Revolving Fund and was able to work to develop a few blocks in Old Dauphin way Historic District from 2008-2012. During this time we were able to save nine houses which were in need of their stories to be heard. From 2011-2018, we were able to invest over $1.35 million in the Oakleigh Garden Historic District. While these projects were taking place, we wanted to bring a genuine and sincere feel into these houses which had been missing this for some time. In the Oakleigh Garden Historic District, we were able to save 16 homes in order for their stories to be heard and shared for the whole community.


As we are actively developing historic properties, we are also activist in working with preserving houses all over the Mobile community. Our Executive Director, Sydney Betbeze, organized a “Heart Bombing” event in 2019 to help save a 100 year house and its story. At the end of the day our main goal is to renovate these houses, revive the communities block by block, street by street, house by house, and tell the stories that these houses want to tell. We love what we do and are glad that we can share this passion with the Mobile Community.


To revitalize and renew Mobile’s historic neighborhoods. We create a focus on affordable housing, community development, and historic neighborhood restoration.

We are committed to the communities in which we focus our bricks and mortar preservation efforts. Our neighborhood revitalization work has taught us that by working street by street, block by block, and house by house, we can transform a neighborhood and attract private and public investment.

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